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Homescapes Hacks - Best Tool For Unlimited Coins and Stars

Homescapes is a match-3 puzzle kind of game that is having a fantastic storyline created by one of the most famous developers, Playrix. Here you will be playing the role of a small child named Austin who wants to save his house from being sold. To do that, he needs to solve the puzzles and gain the stars to refurbish his house.

The players will also require managing a few things in the game that are necessary to progress further in the game. However, if you have a steady hand at the business of managing the funds then try using the Homescapes hack which will grant you a generous amount of funds to play with.


The gameplay seems to be very simple and straightforward in the start, but later on, it gets a lot more complicated. Therefore to help you out through the severity of the levels further in the game, here we are with some of the excellent and useful tips. You can have a look at these below.

Tips and tricks

Having troubles in the game is quite reasonable when you are not able to find out an appropriate solution. For that, look out the below-mentioned tips:

  • Hints

While playing a tough level when you are unable to find out a suitable match to make, the only thing that you need to do is to wait for a few seconds, and the game will itself notify you with some of the best matches that you can fo for at the particular moment. The best match will highlight giving you a hint.

  • Power-ups

Power-ups are something that you can’t afford to miss in the game. It is because these are the ones that can help you in those sticky situations in the game. These boosters can be created while playing the game. To create these power-ups match more than three pieces. Below is a brief overview is provided that you can have a glance of. –

-    Rockets: When you do make a match of 4 tiles in a row or column, it will create the rocket. The rocket will clear the complete tiles in that particular row or column.

-    Bombs: bombs get created when you match five tiles, particularly in a shape of L.  The bombs are of very useful as these explode and do massive damage to the surrounding tiles.

-    Paper plane: The particular power-up target the tiles that required to be cleared to accomplish the level. A paper plane power-up is most effective in a level where it requires targeting the cherries.

-    Rainbow ball: Create it by making a match of 5 pieces. It is the most fantastic power-up which is suitable for almost all types of levels.

Apart from the above things, matching two boosters together will do even more damage to the tiles by creating multiple boosters.

  • Manage the funds

To make progress in the game, you will require some funds. One of the main in-game credits here are the coins which are needed to purchase various stuff for Austin’s home. Therefore, keep collecting the coins throughout the gameplay.

-    Connect your game to your account on facebook. Doing the thing will immediately offer you a total number of 1000 coins.

-    Try to complete the game in the provided lives to gain the extra amount of lives; you will require spending coins. Therefore try, to save your coins for the tough levels ahead.

-    Complete the levels to get more amounts of credits.

-    If you still are not getting enough coins by adopting the above ways, then the last option is to make the use of the Homescapes cheats to catch hold of a liberal amount of funds in the game.

These are some of the tips that come handy while crossing the severity of the levels. So, are you ready to help Austin to refurbish his home so that he can live blissfully with his parents?